Disc Brakes

Disc brakes offer several advantages over drum brakes that you will appreciate. They do not fade on downgrades. They are self adjusting, so as pads wear,  braking efficiency is not reduced. They recover quickly after being submerged.

Your trailer brakes are designed to energize automatically when the tow vehicle brakes are applied. These are known are "Surge Brakes". When the tow vehicle slows down or stops, the forward momentum (Surge) of the trailer against the hitch ball develops hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder inside the trailer brake actuator. The brake lines transfer the pressure (fluid) to the calipers, thus engaging the disc brakes.

All disc brake trailers have an electric solenoid valve. This valve basically "shuts" the brakes off when the tow vehicle is placed in reverse. It does this by preventing brake fluid from going to the calipers on the trailer axle. Thus allowing you to back up, without engaging the trailer brakes.

Be sure to follow the tow vehicle manufactures guidelines with respect to towing capacity, hitch requirements and other towing guideline*,